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Private & Semiprivate Events

Do not hesitate to contact us to guarantee the success of your event with your guests!

For more information, send us an email at events@riversidemtl.com or call us at (438) 922-1015.

Private Events

The Riverside St-Henri team’s mission is to provide you with valuable and professional support in the development of your corporate event project, in order to find an ideal concept, while respecting your needs and specificities.

Various forms of events could take place on our unique site: a corporate party, the launch of a new product, a recognition evening, a business meeting, a conference, a fundraiser, a “team building” activity, a Christmas party, a happy hour cocktail, etc.

Small Gatherings, Great Experiences at Riverside

At Riverside St-Henri, most certainly a friendly and inclusive place, it is possible to reserve part of the premises for a small gathering when it is open to the public, and at a lower cost.

Just like more elaborate events, we pay particular and personalized attention to bring your project to fruition, whether it is a corporate event, a birthday, a graduation party, a happy hour cocktail, a bar mitzvah, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information by email at events@riversidemtl.com or by phone at (438) 922-1015.